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5min PPT: #NAPLICResources (9)

Here is our latest PowerPoint from our 5 minutes for Inclusion Series

We wanted to showcase some of the great information, resources and advice available from the NAPLIC website to support communication in your classroom. NAPLIC is a national organisation of professionals which supports language and communication development. We hope you find it useful.

Download the PowerPoint below.

World Down Syndrome Day

Students from mainstream schools across Tower Hamlets, the Learning Advisory Service and the Half Moon Theatre laid on a wonderful presentation at Marner Primary School this week in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day. Many thanks to the Canary Wharf Group for the funding. It was fantastic to see so many of our students and their families coming together to celebrate the occasion.

It was quite the experience to see so many of out superheroes performing on the day. What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our young people, build friendships and promote inclusion across the borough!

TRAILER: Tower Hamlets – World Down Syndrome Day 2023 from Half Moon Theatre on Vimeo.

5min PPT: #BlanksLevels (8) Blank’s Levels of Questioning

Have a look at the latest PowerPoint from our 5 Minutes for Inclusion Series.

Understanding Blanks levels of questions helps you to ask questions which are at the right level for the pupils you teach. Language comprehension skills are precious and important to a child’s development – they’re foundational to most areas of our lives – so noticing any areas where a child appears to be struggling early on can be extremely helpful.

Download this weeks PowerPoint below.

5min PPT: #ImmersiveReader (6)

As part of our “5 Minutes for Inclusion” series, here is a short PowerPoint introducing Immersive Reader, a powerful and free tool built into Microsoft products.

It’s effective at increasing the reading fluency and comprehension of your learners, supporting students with learning differences like Dyslexia, and helping emerging readers build their confidence.

Click below to download the PowerPoint:

5min PPT: #ImmersiveReader (6).pptx

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