Christmas by Signalong

Signalong-The Communication Charity- provides resources, training and free advice, and readily works with others in the field to promote communication skills for children and adults with speech, language and communication needs and English as an additional language. A central tenet of Signalong is “one concept per sign, one sign per concept” which is different to other British Sign Language based systems, which require an understanding of the context in order to distinguish meaning. 

Download your free Advent Calendar craft activity here!

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Free Christmas Symbolised Resources

Widget, the creator of InPrint, Widget Online and SymWriter, have free Christmas resources on their website. They are appopriate for learners from EYFS – KS2 in both Mainstream and Special Educational settings.

There are sybolised versions of the Christmas story and supporting differentiated activities. There are also games and activities such as jigsaws, dominoes and scavenger hunts.

Head over to the Widget website to download them.

A very merry Christmas from the Tower Hamlets Learning Advisory Service.