How to make a Coreboard

Core boards are tools used in augmented and alternative communication (AAC) with students who have difficulty with verbal speech. They feature a grid of symbols, words and phrases which represent concepts. Evidence (and experience) shows them to be invaluable in supporting communication for our SEN learners.

Eloise Bromwich, from the Tower Hamlets Speech and Language Therapy team, has developed a Core board for use across Tower Hamlets schools. Eloise demonstrates how to turn the resources into a functional low-tech AAC device. High Tech communication aids, such as Proloqu and TD Snap, use the same principle. Putting a low-tech device into practice before implementing higher-tech AAC is usually a good way of introducing the concepts.

Eloise demonstrates how to make the core boards below.

Thanks Eloise!

5min PPT: #Memory (4)

As part of our “5 Minutes for Inclusion” series, a short PowerPoint to support a training session containing tips for working with children who have poor memory. Strategies such as

  • Chunking information
  • Simplifying
  • Presenting information clearly (aka “differentiation by input”)

Many thanks to Neil MacKay and “The Memory Lite Classroom” from which these ideas are taken.

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